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December 3rd, 2023 (First Sunday of Advent) (Holy Communion) (Needy Fund)

Ushers:  June Reed, Marty Beck, Mary Bohr, Beverly Morgan

Lay Reader:  Lillie Morgan

Communion Assistants:  Brenda Ferrebee, Nancy Reichelt

Crucifer:  Drew Hikes

Acolytes:  Matt Ulsh, Travis Reichelt

Altar Guild:  Gail Adams, Pastor Bob Hoenich

Announcements:  Dale Ferrebee

Videographer:  Ben Moyer

Downstairs Greeter:  Sandy Stolarick

Council Greeter:  Dale Ferrebee

Counters:  Bill Seigel, Brenda Ferrebee, Mary Daubert

December 10th, 2023 (Second Sunday of Advent)

Ushers:  Jessica Wolfe, Sharon Wessner, Pastor Bob Hoenich, Shea Moyer

Lay Reader:  Pastor Bob Hoenich

Acolytes:  Abby Wolfe, Lacey Wolfe

Altar Guild:  Jodi Derr

Announcements:  Lillie Morgan

Videographer:  Jodi Derr

Downstairs Greeter:  Kurt Wessner

Council Greeter:  Lillie Morgan

Counters:  Beverly Morgan, Justin Strouphauer, Nancy Reichelt, 

Ministries of Worship

December 17th, 2023 (Third Sunday of Advent) (Holy Communion)

Ushers:  Amy Miller, Yardley Miller, Vernon Strouphauer, Justin Strouphauer

Lay Reader:  Donna Stokes

Communion Assistants:  Lillie Morgan, Steve Hikes

Crucifer:  Ian Brown

Acolytes:  Arisa Koehler, Shea Moyer

Altar Guild:  Julie Koehler, Thelma and Gary Adams

Announcements:  Brenda Ferrebee

Videographer:  Julie Koehler

Downstairs Greeter:  Carol Baldwin

Council Greeter:  Brenda Ferrebee

Counters:  Marty Beck, Randy Knoll, Vernon Strouphauer

December 24th, 2023 (Fourth Sunday of Advent) (Holy Communion)

Ushers:  Donna Zerbe, Blaine Morgan, Lillie Morgan, Gail Adams

Lay Reader:  Nan Hoenich

Communion Assistants:  Nancy Reichelt, Steve Hikes

Crucifer:  Drew Hikes

Acolytes:  Travis Reichelt, Jocelyn Hikes

Altar Guild:  Alethea Wessner

Announcements:  Lillie Morgan

Videographer:  Brenda Ferrebee

Downstairs Greeter:  Mary Bohr

Council Greeter:  Lillie Morgan

Counters:  Donna Zerbe, Carol Baldwin, Joshua Zimmerman

December 31st, 2023 (First Sunday after Christmas)

Ushers: Marty Beck, Travis Reichelt, Thelma and Gary Adams

Lay Reader:  Abby Wolfe

Acolytes:  Hunter Strouphauer, Haley Strouphauer

Altar Guild:  Donna Stokes

Announcements:  Donna Zerbe

Videographer:  Clarence Snyder

Downstairs Greeter:  Stephanie Graham

Council Greeter:  Donna Zerbe

Counters:  Marty Beck, Randy Knoll, Vernon Strouphauer

*Christmas Eve Ministries will be updated shortly.

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