Happy Birthday Jesus!

Online Sunday School January 10th 

Craft Segment 


Amy, Yardley, Alyssa May

and Jasmine Miller

Can you tell us, What is the true meaning of Christmas?  Find out in the Charlie Brown Christmas video!

Online Sunday School December 27th

Video Segment

Think of a gift you would give baby Jesus.  What would it be?  Can you ask mom or dad if it is ok to send us a video with three hints and let everyone guess what it is?  The video can be taken with your phone or other device.  Parents, when sending us a video, please provide permission in the email that it may be posted to the website or facebook to be shared with the congregation.

Online Sunday School December 24th 

Christmas Eve Special Segment

Drama featuring

Ms. Brenda

Yardley & Alyssa May Miller

Hunter, Garret, Makenzie & Veda Moyer 

Shea & Isla Moyer

Online Sunday School December 20th 

This Week's Segment 


If the kids want to sing along and send us a video, we would love it!  

Online Sunday School December 13th 

This Week's Segment 


Online Sunday School December 6th 

This Week's Segment 


Online Sunday School November 15th 

This Week's Segment 

Art Lesson

Online Sunday School November 8th 

This Week's Segment 

Fruit of the Spirit Closing

Online Sunday School October 25th 

This Week's Segment 


Online Sunday School October 18th 

This Week's Segment 


Online Sunday School October 11th 

This Week's Segment 


Online Sunday School September 27th 

This Week's Segment 


Online Sunday School September 20th 

This Week's Segment 

Computer Lab Science

Online Sunday School September 13th 

This Week's Segment 

Craft & Art

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